How long does it take?

Depends on the size of the area being disinfected - most homes and small businesses can be completed in 30-45 minutes.

Do I need to leave?

For the disinfectant to be effective, it needs time to dwell on surfaces - so for a brief period areas will be wet until dry. It's best the area be clear and undisturbed.

Do I need to clean before?

It's best your area be clean & tidy - free of any heavy soiled or dusted surfaces. This allows the disinfectant to be effective and provide a full coverage.

How long does it last?

Our disinfectant is residual - after it dries any bacteria that encounters it will not survive. Over time the disinfectant wears off - depending on the amount of traffic through the area.

Do I need to put anything away?

It's best any important/sensitive documents and items be stored away. However, we try our best to avoid such items.

How long before I can re-enter?

The area is safe to re-enter immediately after it is sprayed. The maximum time needed for the disinfectant to dwell (be effective) against SARS-CoV-2 is 1 minute. We recommend waiting until most of the area has air dried. In most cases, by the time we are exiting, the area will already be dry.

What does the disinfectant smell like?

A clean, fresh scent like lemongrass. After applying the disinfectant, the aroma is strong, but safe to breathe.

Does it leave a residue?

As we apply a complete full coverage, mirrors and glass may show a light residue. A soft wipe down will mitigate the residue without affecting the efficacy of the disinfectant.

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